The Power of Words

Today was our final class in SPED 428.
To reflect on what we had learned this semester, we went around the room and each shared an “ah-ha” moment.
Someone said that their “ah-ha” moment was discovering the power of words, and how much of what you say, matters.
This immediately reminded me of Maya Angelou…
This clip is from the show Master Class, which airs on the OWN network.
If you haven’t seen this episode yet, it is truly a must see.
“I intend to use my energies constructively, as opposed to, destructively.
If you can do that about the negative, just think what you can do about the positive!
If a human being dreams a great dream, dares to love somebody…
If a human being dares to be Martin King, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or Malcolm X…
If a human being dares to be bigger than the condition into which she or he was born, it means, so can you!”


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