My thoughts on Stimeyland

What has this experience been like for you?  Have you followed a blog consistently before?  Do you feel connected to this parent?  Do you have any ideas of resources that you might suggest for this family?  If so, what are the resources and why are you suggesting them.

I’m really enjoying read the blog, Stimeyland.

This is not my first time following a blog. I actually have a long list of blogs that I read regularly. As I look now at my “Blog Folder” under my favorite tabs, I notice that all of the ones that I follow are very different. I read blogs on fashion, education, medicine, radio station blogs, and even ones that just post funny pictures and videos.

When I think about what makes a blog “good”, the most important part for me is the language. I really need to feel a personal connection to the author for me to keep coming back for more. I want to feel like the blogger is an old friend. I want it to be as if I am having a casual conversation with the author, not reading a manual, listening to a news broadcast, or sitting in a lecture hall.

I think that is what makes Stimeyland so wonderful. Stimey is a fabulous writer. She is witty, well-spoken,  and a great story teller. When I read her blog posts I am either doing one of two things; a. Laughing my butt off at her hysterical retelling of her day or b. Nodding my head in agreement as I relate her words to something similar that has happened to me.  Stimey is no holds bar- she doesn’t try to paint her story as some fairy tale life. I love how authentic and real she is.

In terms of my future as a Special Educator, Stimey is a great example of a parent who has accepted that their child has a disability and is OK with it. Stimey accepts Jack 100% for who he is. She is very involved in her son’s life and supports everything that he does.  Since Stimey is so active in the Autism Community, I really can’t think of any resources that I could recommend to her that she doesn’t already know about. I would actually be interested in hearing from her any resources that she, as a parent, could recommend to me, as an educator… Maybe I should e-mail her that very question!


One thought on “My thoughts on Stimeyland

  1. Stimey says:

    I love you more than I could ever properly express. I may just use this as my Christmas letter this year.

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