Play Ball With Me!

How is this book an assistive technology tool for a student with a disability?

This book could be an assistive technology tool for a variety of students with disabilities.

For a student with a vision disability… There is audio available that will actually read the book aloud to you.
For a student with a hearing disability… The book’s text is included on the bottom of each page.
For a student who a learning disability in reading… Percie, Emo, and Can-do help you guide your way through the story, There is a glossary for tough words, The text is highlighted as it is spoken aloud
For a student with a motor disability… The student does not have to turn the pages, just click the mouse.
For a student with ADHD… There are many interactive items that can be clicked on in the text to keep them better focussed
For a student with Autism…Percie and Emo describe how each of the characters are feeling based on the pictures and actions in the text (this is helpful because many children with autism struggle with social interactions/cues)
For a student who is an ELL… Under the “Text Help” section there is an English to Spanish translator.

How could this book be used to support ALL learners?

As great as this book is for students with disabilities, it really is a wonderful tool for everyone! One thing that I have learned from working with kids is that they love technology. Kids are growing up with computers, cell phones, iPads… This is what they know. If you can find a way to integrate technology into your lesson, you will have your students hooked from the get-go.

The glossary tool embeded within the text is really great for all learners. For example, one of the words in the text is kayak. “The kayak scraped onto the beach.” A student might be a great reader, but never have seen or ridden in a kayak before. The student has the ability to click on the word, “kayak,” and be taken to a page with a picture, definition, and recording of the word’s pronunciation.

Another part of the text that is great for all learners are Percie, Emo, and Can-Do.
First of all, how cute are these guys…

These three characters keep students focussed as they are reading. Percie and Emo help to gauge the characters’ emotions and Can-Do asks readers questions to ensure comprehension.

I hope to use Book Builder more in my future classroom with ALL of my students!


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