I am reading a blog called, Stimeyland.

Stimey has two children, Jack and Quinn. Jack has autism. Jack loves legos, hockey, and moonbounces, but perhaps his favorite thing is his iPad. He uses it daily for educational games, reading, and to play Plants vs Zombies. Plants vs. Zombies is an interactive game which allows Jack to connect with other children.

Stimey’s husband, Alex, is an attorney. Both Stimey and Alex are very involved in their children’s lives; Their education, socialization, daily care, affection, etc.

Another family member (not by blood) that I failed to mention is Algernon the Mouse.

Algernon is a family pet that was purchased adopted at a toy store in Grand Junction, Colorado.

He’s pretty awesome.


One thought on “Stimeyland

  1. Stimey says:

    Algernon also loves you.

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