Cognitive Rescaling

In simplest terms, cognitive rescaling is varying the cognitive difficulty of information.

Cognitive rescaling would be considered a modification because although all students are receiving the same information, the level of  complexity is being altered.

In terms of UDL, cognitive rescaling makes sense. You are making the curriculum accessible to all students. You are “minmizing barriers” and “maximizing learning.”

Here is a great example of cognitive that we discussed in class…

The website they feature divides the information for a lesson on water into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Let’s discuss all the people who benefit from this…

1. A student who is on a lower reading level than his/her peers

2. A student who is sick and has missed a week of school

3. A student whose native language is not English

4. A student who is gifted in Science and is ahead of their classmates

5. A student who has never seen the beach so the background knowledge and experience is not there

6. A student with ADD who had trouble focusing in class on the day of the lesson

7. A student who didn’t get around to their homework till the weekend and has now forgotten what was discussed in class

8. A child with Autism, CP, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Fetal Alchohal Syndrome, a Brain Injury, or any other developmental disability whose learning is delayed.

9. A parent who wants to help their student with his/her homework yet has fogotten the information themself

10. A student who needs to review information they learned weeks ago for an upcomming cumulative exam

So there are 10 examples of who would benefit from this type of cognitive rescaling. Can you think of any other(s)?


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